It’s Important to do Your Fall Check Up!

As we work our way into the rainy winters we have here in North Georgia, it’s important to make sure you check up on your roof. Here are some tips on what to do to help prevent winter roofing issues.

Clean Your Gutters

It’s always important to clean your gutters but it is even more important to clean them as all of the leaves start following off the trees. Leaves can build up in your gutters causing them to hold water in them adding weight to and cause rain water to run over. The added weight can also pull nailed gutters away from the fascia. Any extra water build up around the perimeter of your roof can cause rot in the soffit and fascia leading to costly repairs. Make sure you clean them out before all the leaves start falling and keep an eye on them throughout the winter.

Trim Trees

Trees can cause quite a few problems with a roof. They can cause algae and fungus to develop, cause leaf and branch debris to build up, and the obvious one, fall. You want to make sure that you are keeping trees trimmed back and branches clear of the roof. Falling branches can not only damage your roof, but also become an eye sore.

Get An Inspection

If you know or feel like you may have roof issues, then you should go ahead and get it inspected. As we work into the colder months of the year here in North Georgia, we know what to expect: rain, snow, and ice. While we get less of the latter, it definitely happens. If you’ve had leaks, have missing shingles, or any other roofing issues, it’s important to take care of those sooner than later.We offer no-cost inspections so give us a call if you think you might have any issues, give us a call!

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