1. 2019 Owens Corning Color of the Year – Black Sable

    We are glad to welcome the newest shingle color from Owens Corning: Black Sable!  . Black Sable is the newest color to the Owens Corning Duration line. This shingle is a TruDefinition Duration Designer Shingle that brings together a rich mix of grey, black, and brown hues that looks incredible on e…Read More

  2. What Weather Decides If You Need Roof Replacement?

    - If you need roof repair, the only problem that you’re thinking about is the one that you’re having right now. If rain is getting into your house and damaging the ceiling, you probably aren’t really concerned with how long roofs last in Georgia. All you know is that you need roof repair or re…Read More

  3. What Is Hail, and How Do Roof Insurance Repairs Work in Georgia?

    _ At first, the title of this article might seem silly: “what is hail?” Every person reading this blog has experienced hail at one time or another, and we know hail when we see it. But many people might not know what constitutes hail damage, and how roof insurance repairs work in Georgia. That…Read More

  4. 3 Fall Maintenance Tips

    It's Important to do Your Fall Check Up! As we work our way into the rainy winters we have here in North Georgia, it's important to make sure you check up on your roof. Here are some tips on what to do to help prevent winter roofing issues. Clean Your Gutters It's always important to clean your gutt…Read More

  5. How to Spot a Storm Chaser

    The term "Storm Chaser" refers to contractors who will temporarily work in an area after a major storm. Basically, they come into an area wanting to make a quick sale and then move on to the next storm. Here in North Georgia we recently experienced a hail event specifically on July 21st.  The storm…Read More

  6. What Tools Do Roofers Use During Roof Replacement

    What Tools Do Roofers Use During Roof Replacement?

    Replacement of a typical asphalt roof doesn’t take very long at all. In most cases the asphalt roof will be off in a couple of hours, and it will take between one and two days to put the new one on. There are many things that will influence the timing of roof replacement, including the weather, th…Read More


    Underlayment is the moisture barrier layer of material that goes directly on the decking of a roof. The reason for underlayment is actually very simple; it protects the decking of a roof from rotting. There are different types of underlayment but the common 3 are: asphalt saturated felt, rubberized …Read More

  8. What is Hail Damage?

    . What is actually is hail damage? With the storms that came through our area on July 21st, it's likely that you've heard there was hail in the area. Hail can come in many shapes and size but any way about it, it can still damage your roof. So with that being said, your probably wondering how hail d…Read More


    A common question we get in the roofing industry is: is it ok to put shingles on top of the existing ones? Your roof is a expensive investment and we can understand that you want to save money where you can, however trying to save on tearing off the old roof by putting new shingles on is not advised…Read More